BARRY MAYO is an upstate New York-based photographer whose work primarily addresses issues of race in both still photography and multimedia. In addition to the documentation of his extensive travels, Mayo is currently working on a study off the offspring of mixed raced unions…encapsulating the experiences and struggles with identity of both young people and adults.

The genesis of Mayo’s interest in race stems from his being raised during the 60’s, observing the tail end of the Jim Crow era, and his experience in integrating a New York City public school in the third grade. He found himself living experientially with one foot in the Black world and one foot in the White world.  Mayo’s investigation has not only provided a means for self exploration, but a vehicle for the ongoing study of race relations in the United States…viewed from the prism of personal relationships.

Mayo has recently turned the page on a successful 35-year career as a radio broadcasting programmer, manager, corporate president and owner so that he can focus solely on his photographic endeavors and “Servant Leadership”. He has served on the boards of numerous educational institutions including service as the Vice Chair of the World of Money.org; an organization that teaches financial education and philanthropy to young people aged 7-18 in the New York City metro area. An avid jazz fan, Mayo’s photography has been presented in numerous galleries in the Chicago area, including a group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Barry Mayo